Disney Vacation planner in O’Fallon IL

O’Fallon, IL is where it all started, and now we help families all over the world!  Debi Mitchell, the owner of Wish Upon a Star with Us helped her family and friends with their trips long before officially getting into the travel business.  Back in 2002 she had four young children at home and was no longer teaching elementary school. Having moved around following her husband’s military career she needed to be able to be flexible and was just looking for a fun hobby that she could call her own.   Debi heard about a travel agency in the northeast that was hiring people with experience visiting Disney World.  It was right up her alley as she and her family had many many trips already under their belt to Disney World and on the Disney Cruise line.  She worked for a few different agencies over the years but then decided she wanted to be able to manage her own agency, focusing on customer service and personal details.  Wish Upon a Star with Us is rooted in the belief of  helping families as we would want to be treated, along with giving back a portion of every commission to non-profit organizations.

Debi is a firm believer in having the personal experiences that enable us to better help the families that come to us for assistance with their trips.  Having first-hand knowledge of all the Walt Disney World Resorts, Disneyland resorts, the cruise ships, and even all the restaurants allows us to better help our clients.  Debi focuses on continuing to gain those experiences such as visiting Disney World when a new restaurant opens or traveling to Hawaii to see Disney’s newest resort, Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa.  All of the agents at Wish Upon a Star with Us work together as a team.  They know they can call Debi to ask about a detail or even correspond with each other to get the best information to help a client.  When we can describe the view out the window of Bay Lake at the Contemporary or explain how the rooms are designed at Art of Animation (because we personally have stayed there), these details help our clients to make more educated decisions about their trips.  We feel it is important to explain differences and benefits, but will always try to help families decide what is best for them.  What is ideal for one family is not always the right choice for someone else.  We feel our role is to help you figure out what is the best plan of action for your family.  We will then help you with details that you may not have even thought about in order to make your trip go smoother.  We are partners in helping to make your trip more magical.  “Two heads are better than one!”  If we can help you come up with ideas, talk through decisions, and work together with you, then we have succeeded in helping  you spend your vacation dollars more wisely and have the trip that you desire.

Debi opened an office close to O’Fallon  in Collinsville, IL in early 2012.  While all of the agents, including Debi, still work from home, the office in Collinsville gives them a headquarters.  They use the friendly office space to meet families, have a central phone number, and keep the neat Disney memorabilia they’ve collected over the years. Debi also chose Collinsville so she would be close to her children’s school as she still volunteers over there frequently and helps with the band program weekly.  So our humble beginnings started in O’Fallon, IL but we feel so blessed to have agents all over the United States now.  With the internet we are able to help families that are located all around the world, many of them also military families returning home to visit loved ones and looking for a vacation together.

We hope you will choose us to help you with your trip to a Disney destination!  Since there is no charge for our planning services when we book your trip, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.  Please contact us at info@wishuponastarwithus.com or contact an agent directly on our contact page.

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