Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

Disney’s All Star Music Resort is located in the Animal Kingdom Resort area between the All Star Sports and All Star Movies Resort hotels. It’s in the Value category, but you’re sure to be treated like Rock ‘n Roll Royalty while you’re there. You will find your favorite style of music depicted here with giant musical instruments decorating each area. Dance along with Three Caballeros—Donald Duck, José Carioca and Panchito–by the main pool in the Calypso section. This guitar-shaped pool is surrounded by two three-story buildings that make up the preferred area of the resort.

A short walk away brings you to the Jazz Inn area of the resort where it’s giant drum set and saxophone player icons will make you feel like you’re on Bourbon street listening to swing bands. There’s a quiet area between the two buildings where you can enjoy your morning coffee, listen to the sound of the water splashing down from the fountain and contemplate your day at Disney World. The piano pool is just ahead and is surrounded on three sides by the Rock Inn, The Country Fair and The Broadway Hotel. The Rock Inn features giant electric guitars, amplifiers, records, and juke boxes -you might even get a glimpse of a ’57 Chevy parked here! The Country Fair area has size 270 cowboy boots and 132 trucks parked at the top of the buildings, and the Broadway Hotel has size 125 top hats and tuxedos, staffs and gloves.

The Resort’s main building is Melody Hall. This is where you check in for registration in the Main Lobby, have a snack or meal at the Intermission Food Court, shop at Maestro Mickey’s shop and enjoy the Note’able Game Arcade.

In addition to the standard sized rooms that will accommodate 4 (or 5, if you have an infant in a crib in the party), this resort also has Family Suites. These will sleep up to 6 guests and feature a queen size bed plus two queen-size pull down beds. The suites have two bathrooms and a small kitchenette with a refrigerator and microwave. They’re ideal for the larger family, or for parents that would like to put the kids to bed in a separate area while they can enjoy some ‘wind-down’ time.

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