Foot Care for the Parks

Foot Care for the Parks

by Carrielyn Louie, specialist in Disney Destinations
from Des Moines, WA

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A day at a Disney park is like running a marathon. Stay well hydrated and have your feet in appropriate walking shoes or you won’t make it to the finish line!

  1. Good shoes
    You need supportive athletic shoes that fit you correctly. If shoes don’t fit they will rub your feet in the wrong way, causing blisters. This is not the time for those cute wedge sandals you bought off Zappos.

  2. Moisture wicking  socks
    Blisters are caused by  moist feet so wear moisture wicking socks which will keep your feet dry.

  3. Toiletry bag
    A bag big enough to hold the content listed below, which you can then throw in your day bag but easily find should you need it.

  4. Foot powder
    In addition to wearing moisture wicking socks you can sprinkle your feet and shoes with foot powder to help absorb extra moisture.

  5. Moleskin (with adhesive backing)
    Check your feet on occasion for “hot spots”, potential blisters in the making. If you feel a blister coming on or find a potential hot spot put moleskin over the area to cushion it.

  6. Sewing needle & matches/lighter
    If you do find yourself with a blister you’ll want to take care of it right away. First sterilize the sewing needle with either a lit match or a lighter. Allow the needle to cool before draining the blister. Do not attempt to remove any skin from the blister. The skin will act as a protective barrier while it heals.

  7. Betadine & Neosporin
    After treating the blister treat the wound with betadine and antibacterial ointment (such as Neosporin) to ward off infection and help the healing process to begin.

  8. Blister bandages
    Blister bandages have extra padding to help relieve the discomfort while also protecting the wound from dirt. Also, if you know you tend to get blisters in the same spots you can proactively apply a blister bandage before setting out for the day.


If you find yourself with sore feet and you forgot to pack your foot care kit call on Disney’s medics.

They’ll have everything you need to get back to enjoying the park.

Don’t forget the good shoes! I forgot my shoes (how, I just do not know!) and wore shoes not meant for a marathon. Next thing I know I’m sporting Disney crocs, which at that point felt like absolute heaven, but I’m not sure how well they would have done in the long run.