Magic Bands Are Disney’s Hottest Trend And A Must Have For Every Disney World Vacation

Magic Bands Are Disney’s Hottest Trend And A Must Have For Every Disney World Vacation

written by Sara Toerner, Travel Specialist

Be on the lookout for the next big headline: Magic Bands are the HOTTEST trend in Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Houston, Atlanta, and Milan. Disney Passholders and Florida Residents know that Magic Bands are a practical tool, essential to the ideal Disney World vacation experience but they’re also a customizable accessory. We wear ours loud and proud!

See, this family’s love for Disney parks runs deep. I’m a vacation planner specializing in Disney cruises but we’ve had a lot of fun over the years planning visits to Disney’s Florida and California parks, too. There’s a little something special at Disney World in Florida though, and it’s free with every Disney resort stay.

So, Disney guests this next one is for you. Be nice. ?

I may have let my love for “MB’s” go a little too far this time….

Ode to Magic Bands
Dear Band,
on my hand
with hip,

Accessory so fine,
Even diamonds won’t shine.
Turkey legs on demand;

Silhouette of the season
SO fierce. SO rad.
This year’s trends
MB’s make sad.

Sweet Band,
on my hand
with slick, clever tricks
Onyx parallels, vibrant hues
Nubby clip, fashion DO.

Finally! Customize purple!
I just have to have it in blue.
(Wait…. did someone say,
now there’s a version TWO?)

Oh, string of Skittles
With Magical powers
You are my sun through
Summer showers.

Mighty Fortress of PhotoPass
Headmaster of Hacks
Deliverer of Drinks
Sacred Servant of Snacks

So simple yet understated.
Standard-issue but custom planned.
You may look like a basic wrap,
But you’re my Magic Band!

Hold my ticket. Get my door.
I SAY, you DO!
Matte ribbon of wonder

Do you sport your MB with pride? Do you plan to stalk the mail carrier until your Magic Band package arrives or know someone who does? Copy and paste the web link above and share. Magic Band lovers unite!