There are three main categories of staterooms on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, plus the Concierge rooms and suites.

Inside Staterooms have no window. They are the smallest of the categories and provide no natural light. While some families with infants and toddlers may like this setup so that naps can be dark during the day, it can be hard waking up in the morning when no sun is peeking through a window. These are typically the least expensive rooms on the ship, but be prepared for an odd feeling of yearning for some natural light. For many people though, this room offers the most economical way to get on the ships.

Oceanview Staterooms have a large window, some with seats to sit in. This porthole window is approximately three feet across in most of the rooms and is a great source of light and entertainment. It is fun to look out the window first thing in the morning to see where you are, see how big the waves are, or just watch the sights.

Verandah Staterooms have a balcony for you to step out on. Not only do these provide a great view, but they also give you fresh air in the room. Many parents find it handy when they put the kids down at night to be able to sit out on their balcony together. There are two chairs and a small table out there, but on request those can be removed from the balcony. The railing is high and on most verandahs it is completely “plexiglassed” from the railing down to the floor. Some will have some metal (whitewall) but those will be noted in your description and are less cost. If extended families are staying side by side and want to connect their balconies this can be requested.

Concierge rooms are either Verandah Staterooms detailed above or 1 and 2 bedroom suites. These Concierge rooms are all on deck 11 and 12 Forward and share a Concierge Lounge and private sundeck. They are also well taken care of by a Concierge team of three plus food and drink host/esses. The lounge has games, special snacks, bottled water, cans of soda, cocktail hour with free mixed drinks each night, and other extra special benefits. Personal service is given to all concierge guests in helping to book their port excursions, spa appointments, and adult dining requests, and these are done at the first possible window for booking. Concierge guests also have a private lounge in the terminal, board first, and are escorted off at the end of the cruise to expedite getting through the lines off the ship.

These rooms are aft on the ship category 8D (decks 5 & 6) , 8C (decks 7 & 8)and 8B (deck 9) They have a large porthole window with a seat built in.

The verandah staterooms pictured here are aft on the ship. the first ones, next to the porthole rooms are category 7A Navigator’s Verandahs. The next few behind them are category 6B(decks 5,6, & 7) and category 6A (decks 8 & 9) and have a “white wall” which just means that there is metal from the bottom up a bit outside on the verandah so the view could be obstructed somewhat, rather than being clear plexiglass.

Verandahs that are category 5E are located on decks 6 through 10 and look straight off the back of the ship. Here are a couple of pictures from stateroom 10658, which is a corner verandah room on deck 10, actually seen in the above pictures right under Cabanas restaurant.

Category 5E stateroom 10658

category 5E stateroom 10658

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