Tabitha Amann

Tabitha and Chewbacca

My name is Tabitha Amann and I like to describe myself as a lover of ALL THINGS DISNEY!


My love for Disney started back in 1988, at the age of 4, with my
first trip to Disney World. The next year at the age of 5, I was
lucky enough to see Disneyland, needless to say, my love for
Disney GREW!

As an adult I feel like Disney is a second home! I have four crazy, Disney
loving children and a husband who also (sometimes only secretly) loves
Disney. My family’s idea of the best trip ever involves jumping on a
plane, or in a car, and spending time at the most magical place on earth!
Some of our best memories involve: rounding the corner of Main Street
U.S.A and seeing Cinderella’s Castle; racing to our favorite rides before
closing time; having a bite to eat at Sci-Fi Dine In; watching storm
troopers march up Hollywood Boulevard; riding in a jeep through Kilimanjaro Safaris; flying through
Neverland with Peter Pan; getting soaked on Splash Mountain; floating through Pirates of the Caribbean;
and eating yummy treats while strolling through the most magical place on earth…