Goes above and beyond!

I want to say Julie is great and goes above and beyond to help with my travel needs.  I have a company that has employees traveling every week all across the country.  Julie has booked my hotel rooms and conference rooms for over 3 years.  I tell her the cities we are going to, how many people and an area I want to stay and she does the rest.  I have anywhere from 5 to 30 people traveling every week and I would think this would be a huge feat and very difficult to handle, but Julie comes through every week without a hitch.  She gets us the best location for the area we desire, but also makes sure we are getting the best price.  I had the misconception that using a travel agent to book my travel arrangements would cost me more money, but somehow Julie is able to get me the same or better prices than the major companies like hotels.com or Kayak and more importantly, saves me the time from having to book them all myself.  If you currently have a company or travel for a living, I highly recommend letting Julie take over that aspect of your life. 

Teddy M.