Highly Recommend Sarah Anhalt

Mine and my wife’s experience working with Wish Upon A Star With Us had to have been the best and easiest experience I’ve had in a long time. We  went on a 10 day trip to Orlando spending 5 days at Disney Parks and 10 at a Disney resort for our Honeymoon. The process was easy. Customer service was great. The biggest headaches we had were the flight home, which was delayed and had nothing to do with Wish Upon, and with Universal, which was just issues with the park and it’s set up and again has nothing to do with Wish Upon. I would highly recommend Wish Upon A Star With Us to anyone who is thinking of going to take a Disney Vacation. I would also highly recommend Sarah Anhalt. She was incredibly friendly and professional. She really cared about helping us have a great time and she made everything so easy. We loved the experience so much we are looking to do it again very soon!

Justin W