Julie is your girl!

If you want to go Disney, Julie is your girl.  My family and I went to Disney this January with Julie’s assistance and guidance and it was without a doubt the most well prepared and put together trip I have ever taken.  She had everything lined up and taken care of for us.  We were there 5 days and went to all four Disney Parks.  She had us going to the park that would be the least busy that day of the week and had all our fast passes set up.  She recommended the dining plan and I wasn’t sure about it at first, but I am definitely a believer now.  It absolutely saved us money using the dining plan, the food was delicious, and I think it’s impossible to use all the credits they give you.  

Walt Disney World is a pretty overwhelming place.  The parks are way bigger than you could ever imagine and trying to figure out the best routes to take and how to avoid crowds is an absolute vacation killer.  Going to Disney and knowing you have a plan in place so that you can enjoy your vacation instead of trying to figure everything out is priceless!  Thank you so much Julie! 

David M.