The Pirates League

The Pirates League

by Heather Gallagher, specialist in Disney Destinations
from St. Louis, MO

Avast, me hearties! Do you have a pirate fan in your life?  Capt. Jack Sparrow is looking for some new pirates for his ship, The Black Pearl.   Boys and girls of all ages can become a pirate at The Pirates League in Magic Kingdom and join Jack’s crew.

When you enter into the pirate lair to get your pirate makeover, you go through a pirate procedure to gain your new pirate name. It involves dice, a treasure chest and a ship’s wheel, then the book of pirate names is consulted and after careful study you will receive your new pirate identity.

After you have received your name it is off to a training station for your new look and lessons on how to be a pirate. There are a few different makeovers to choose from, even a mermaid for girls that may not quite be into pirates or princesses.  I have one of those girls.  She chose to do the Mermaid makeover, while her sister chose the Pirate Empress makeover.

When you chose a pirate makeover, the last thing that happens in the chair is you have to swear the pirate oath.

Then it is on to another part of the room, where you will be given your sword and some rules on how pirates should behave with the sword.  After you agree to follow the pirate rules, you are taken into the secret room to receive your treasure.

Upon exiting the secret room, you are given your packet with your pirate oath complete with your pirate name and you have become an official member of the Jack Sparrow’s pirate crew!

Reservations are highly recommended because this is a very popular location.  The Pirates League is located between the entrance of the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction and the Plaza del Sol Bazaar.