What to Expect on a Disney Cruise: Day 3

What to Expect on a Disney Cruise: Day 3

Our agent, Carrielyn Louie (from Seattle, WA)  is sharing her blog with us about what to expect on a Disney Cruise.  This is her third post in a series of seven where you’ll get an inside peek at what a 7-night Disney cruise is like. If you missed the previous posts, you can find them here:

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Another glorious day at sea ahead of you. The jog around the promenade yesterday was nice but today you want to check out the exercise equipment so you quietly get dressed so as to not disturb your snoring family and you head to the Senses Fitness Area on Deck 11. There’s one last treadmill with an unobstructed view of the ocean so you grab it, ipod funneling tunes into your ears, and proceed with having the most serene work out of your life.

After an hour you return to your stateroom to find your family has gotten up and dressed so you hurriedly get ready because by now you are famished and today your family gets to have breakfast with the best of the best Disney characters! Your character breakfast is at Animator’s Palate,*** so you head there and sit at your table, order your breakfast, and await the parade of characters, autograph books and pens at the ready!

You thought to bring your Navigator to breakfast so as you’re all bemoaning how full you are you look it over to decide how to spend your day (keeping in mind that you have a 2pm massage scheduled at Senses Spa). The pool was pretty busy during yesterday’s at sea day so you decide it’s a good day to explore more of what the inside of the ship has to offer. At 9:45 there’s an activity in D Lounge called “Disney Animation: Cartoon Physics” where you’ll learn how to draw action with simple animation techniques. In the end you all have souvenirs to bring back home and the knowledge that your kids can draw better than you. Humiliation aside, you had a really great time and you know you’ll be remembering that activity for a long time to come.

You stick around in D Lounge and buy your way into $5,000 Mega Jackpot Bingo which turns out to be a rousing good time and before you know it it’s time to eat some lunch. You head back up to Cabanas for a light buffet lunch before heading off in different directions. You escort the kids to the clubs and you adults head off to do the New World Wine Tasting that you signed up (and payed) for earlier in the trip. You head for Ooh La La on Deck 4. You learn about, sniff, and taste multiple fabulous wines and make some grown up friends in the process.

Almost 2pm so you head off to Senses Spa & Salon on Deck 11 for your Elemis Aroma Stone Therapy, where you can expect to harness “the ancient power of Basalt stones to melt away tension and deliver a deep-penetrating therapy for the muscles. The heated volcanic stones are placed on key energy points while warmed oils are worked gently into the body with traditional massage techniques. This holistic approach to relaxation is as sensual as it is effective.” The 75 minutes tick by and you feel amazing, though maybe it’s a good time for a nap. You head back to the stateroom and find it quiet and empty so you lie down to take a nap.

You are awakened an hour later by your family who have returned from their independent adventures. You’ve got a good hour before dinner so you decide it’s a good time to do the Midship Detective Agency, where you are given a game card that brings artwork throughout the ship to life, allowing you to solve a mystery. It’s also a great way to visit spots of the ship you hadn’t been to before now. Just as you are solving the mystery you realize it’s time to head to dinner.Tonight it’s cruise casual attire and you’re dining in Animator’s Palate, a magical restaurant where Disney animation is celebrated. You’ll experience Pacific Rim dishes as you watch the restaurant come alive around you. While you sip on a Rennaissance (a cocktail mix of Vodka Raspberry, Triple Sec, Raspberry Purée, Lime Juice, Sparkling Wine) you’re having to choose between Ahi Tuna Tartare, Wild Mushroom Risotto and Porcini Twist, Taleggio Cheese Flatbread, and Roma Tomato and Portobello Mushrooms on Polenta Cake for your appetizer (you decide to go with the Ahi Tuna Tartare). For your second choice it’s tough to choose between “Mulan” Chilled Gazpacho, Creamy Butternut Squash Soup, Confetti Tomato Salad, and Smoked Salmon and Trout with Goat Cheese Salad, that last one winning out. There are eight amazing main courses to choose from, but you narrow it down to either the Phyllo-Wrapped Salmon Fillet or the Shere Khans Asian Marinated Beef Short Ribs. Your significant other arrived at the same dilemma and so you decide to each get one and split it. Win win! You really can’t imagine eating another bite but the desserts all sound so incredible you decide to go with Animator’s Sweet Temptations, a Trio of Strawberry Sable, Cranberry and Orange Cheesecake, and Double-Fudge Chocolate Cake. It was the right decision.

Dinner finishes up right in time for you and your family to head over to the Walt Disney Theater also on the 3rd deck after grabbing snacks from Preludes. Tonight’s show is “Wishes”, a story about a trio of friends who take a trip down a wishing well where they discover the connection between children becoming adults and adults who stay in touch with being a kid at heart.

After the show you consult your Navigator and notice there will be characters posing for photos in the lobby atrium (Mickey, Remy, Minnie, and Emile!!!), so you head on over so the kids can get their photos taken and gain some precious character autographs (and you sneak in a complete family photo or two). Time for a family dance party, so you head over to D Lounge for D Tunes, where you’ll get to dance, enter contests, and possibly even win prizes! But mostly you’re just having the best time hanging out with your kids. You stick around after for some family karaoke right here in D Lounge (this D Lounge is a seriously happening place you’ve come to realize).

As you and your family make the journey back to your stateroom you reflect on what a great day you had as you enjoyed equal parts “me” time and family time. Two days at sea were truly magical but you’re excited for a day at St. Maarten tomorrow. You fall asleep with thoughts of paradise running through your head.

****** Character breakfasts occur on 7 night or longer cruises except on the Dream or Fantasy boats. I felt it was important to include this experience for those that may do longer cruises on the Wonder or Magic.