Why Use a Travel Agent?

Why Use a Travel Agent?

written by Sara Toerner, Travel Specialist

“Why use a travel agent, and how do I find a good one?”

Before you plan your vacation, visit a travel agent because in the field of planning vacations:

  • They are the experts!
  • Their useful knowledge and expert advice is FREE.
  • One vacationer can’t possibly know it all.
  • They want your experience to be as memorable as possible.

Look for one who:

  • Is well-trained. Many have specialized degrees and stay up to date by continuing to complete industry-related training courses.
  • Is well-connected. One agent can’t possibly have seen every destination or know the answer to every question, but a good agent will know where to go for answers. Belonging to a large network of industry experts means they’ll have years of experience to pull from.
  • Is a caring person. The best agents will care about your vacation as much as they care about their own. They want you to pack everything you’ll need, make every one of your connections, experience the finest things this world has to offer, and return with a lifetime of memories.