6 Tips for Traveling with Young Children

6 Tips for Traveling with Young Children

written by Heather Gallagher, specialist in Disney Destinations from St. Louis, MO

Traveling with children does not have to be very stressful if you plan ahead.  Here are some tips to help make traveling with kids go a little smoother.

1. The biggest tip is to have snacks.  It is amazing how a snack can help avoid a meltdown.

2.When flying with a little one, have a bottle or sippy cup filled with water ready for take off and landing.  Drinking from a cup or bottle at these times helps their ears to equalize the pressure more quickly.

3.When driving by car, make stops so that the kids can get out and use up some of the energy that builds up when stuck in a seat for a long time.

4. Whether you fly or drive, make sure you have plenty of activities for them to do during the trip. Make a travel bag for each child.  Go to the local dollar store and fill it with coloring books, colored pencils (if one gets lost in the car they won’t melt like crayons), activity books, reading books and maybe a toy or two.  They are given the travel bag once the trip is under way.  This way they have new things to occupy their time on the trip.

5.Kids come with a lot of stuff.  If you have children that travel in a stroller, but don’t want to carry it on the plane or in the car, think about renting a stroller once you get to your destination.  Some cities like Orlando, have stroller rental places that will drop it off at your hotel the day you arrive and then pick it up from the hotel when you are done.

6. One of the best benefits to staying at a Disney World resort is the Magical Express Service.  This service is free to guests  of the WDW resort and it is a big help traveling with kids once you reach Orlando airport.  Disney will pick up your luggage from baggage claim and deliver your bags to your room, leaving you free to board the bus and enjoy your trip to Disney World.