Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort

Disney’s All Star Sports Resort is the first (geographically and historically) of the three themed sections in the All Star Resort area located near Animal Kingdom theme park. If you have a little sports fan in the family, this is the place to be. Baseball fans will barely be able to hold back a refrain of ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’ in the Homerun Hotel area – complete with a baseball diamond, bleachers (actually – they form the roof of the laundromat), and an old-fashioned scoreboard. You’re sure to find your favorite team flag depicted above the third floor balcony. The Grand Slam Pool is located here with Goofy on the pitcher’s mound; but he’s not pitching baseballs – he’s spraying water on unsuspecting swimmers. Football is featured in the adjacent Touchdown area with it’s giant helmet and football icons overlooking the centrally located football field. If you’re partial to basketball, visit the Hoops section of the resort; tennis lovers will feel right at home at Center Court. If you’re a surfer, the place for you is Surf’s Up. Some of the rooms in this resort face the main pool area, Surfboard Bay – watch out for that giant shark fin! Surfboard Bay is also where the kiddie pool is located.

The resort’s main building is Stadium Hall. Get a great meal or snack at the End Zone food court located here. Need a special gift for your favorite sports fan back home? Get it here at Sport Goofy’s gift and sundries shop. Time for the kids to get a little arcade time? Visit Game Point Arcade just off the main lobby. While you’re checking in, the kids can relax and enjoy some Disney TV time in the sitting area made just for them. You can also take a stroll by the Wall of Sports photo area where you might spot a picture of your favorite sports star. The bus stop is located just outside Stadium Hall to take you anywhere you want to go on Disney property.

Rooms at this resort are furnished with either two double beds or one king bed. Standard view rooms are available as well as preferred rooms, which are closest to Stadium Hall. Each room is approximately 260 square feet and will accommodate 4 people. Under certain circumstances, a family of 5 will also be able to reserve these rooms, but only if one of the children is an infant/toddler under 3 years old and still sleeping in a crib. Each room is equipped with a complimentary mini-fridge.

You’re sure to be comfy in this fun sports themed resort. It’s a great place for the kids to play on the ball field or take a dip while you wind down by the pool. Tinkerbell didn’t forget to sprinkle pixie dust here – there’s a giant, centrally located statue of Mickey overlooking much of the area, and Donald and his nephews can be found playing a ‘friendly’ (you know Donald…) game of tennis (is that tennis with a baseball bat?) So relax and enjoy your stay here where you can become an All Star Sports star.

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