Packing Cubes! Oh, how I Love Thee! Let Me Count the Ways….

packing cubes

Packing Cubes! Oh, how I Love Thee! Let Me Count the Ways….

By Kimber Preece, Travel Specialist

suitcase with packing cubes

My family travels all the time: quick trips to the mountain, a week at Walt Disney World, lengthy trips to Europe, cruises, you name it. These cubes have changed my packing game for the better.


1. You keep everyone’s stuff separate

2. You compress stuff so we can fit more into our bags

3. You make unpacking easy, just unzip the lid, fold lid back, and place cube in drawer

4. You turn any bag into luggage

5. You are a spiffy overnight bag all by yourself

6. You make divvying up stuff to various rooms easy

7. You make my kids more responsible for their stuff, because they like cubes too

packing cubes in drawers

How to make the most of your packing cubes:

1. Pack a few complete outfits in a smaller cube and pack that cube in another traveler’s bag or your carry-on (I do both when traveling internationally). This way if you lose a bag, you will have at least a few outfits to see you through until you get your luggage catches up with you. Do this for all your family members.

2. When sending the kids to stay grandparents’ house or hotel room, cubes are convenient mini suitcases.

3. Buy cubes in different colors for each family member to make finding things easier. It’s also more fun for the kids.

4. Repack cubes with dirty clothes (folding optional) and put them away in the luggage to keep your room tidy and repack along the way. This also keeps the dirties from spilling at the airport in case you bought too many souvenirs and have to rearrange your load. Some travelers like to turn them inside out when they put their dirty clothes inside.  

packing cubes
packing cubes