Packing for a Cruise

Packing for a Cruise

–by Carrielyn Louie, a specialist in Disney vacations from Seattle, WA
For more hints and tips about Disney Cruise Line you can contact Carrielyn directly.

Packing for a cruise can be a bit overwhelming and even for a seasoned pro it’s no small feat to pack for what is typically a family of 4 or more. There are items that any cruiser, regardless of cruise line, would want to pack, but with Disney there are some additional considerations. Here are some tips that should make creating your packing list a bit easier!

  1. Light jacket/hoody – Even if it’s a summer cruise in a typically hot and sunny place the boats in the evenings are on the move which results in an often really comfortable breeze that can also at times be rather chilly.Pirate duds – Disney throws a mean pirate party (topped off with fire works at sea!) and kids and adults alike really enjoy getting dressed up like pirates.

  2. Shampoo (clarifying) – If you don’t swim regularly in a chlorinated pool you may not have a clarifying shampoo at the ready in your bathroom.

  3. Passport and Photo ID – Required for most cruises but double check the requirements by asking your favorite travel agent.

  4. Signed cruise contract – can’t get on the boat with out this. You’ll obtain the contract by signing in to the website and looking up your cruise with your reservation number. Print it out, sign it, and bring it with you.

  5. Chargers (smart phones, cameras, tablets, game devices)! – imagine the horror of having your beloved electronic device run out of batteries and not having a charger!.

  6. Kindle (or, ok, an actual paper book) – The great thing about a cruise is the opportunity to relax! Make sure you’ve got some reading material for all that down time.

  7. Garbage bags – for dirty laundry and wet swim suits.

  8. Old hotel key – The Disney Dream and Fantasy state room lights and electronics (tv) are controlled by a key card slot just inside the door. The intention is for you to put your Key to the World card in that slot to turn on (and keep on) the lights but it might not always be the most convenient thing. An old hotel key will work just as well.

  9. Luggage scale – If you’re traveling on an airline with a weight limit for checked baggage its really helpful to have a luggage scale available to make sure you’ve not gone over the limit.

  10. Air freshener – Disney is an innovator in the cruise industry and as a result you’ll find a split bath in your state room. Even though the toilet is separate from the shower doesn’t mean you woul

    dn’t care for a little fresh scent from time to time.

  11. Mesh shower organizer – if you relish in being organized then bringing along a mesh shower organizer will help you keep the bathroom uncluttered.

  12. S hooks – These S shaped hooks can be used in so many ways, helping you create new ways to store and organize things.  Just make sure they aren’t metal, or scratch/damage your stateroom doors.

  13. Meds (OTC & prescription) – The prescription meds might be a natural thing to think to pack but it helps to think about packing the over the counter meds that you might only use on occasion but which if you needed them you’d really rather not pay inflated prices.

  14. Goggles – If you’ve got a kid that’s used to swimming with goggles you won’t want to forget them!

  15. White-Noise Maker – For those that are addicted. Nothing worse than finding yourself in a comfy bed but unable to sleep because it’s just too quiet!

  16. Alcohol – The Disney Cruise Line is unique in that they allow you to carry on alcohol (just make sure you physically carry it on to the ship rather than pack it in luggage that is being brought on board for you).

  17. Sports bottle – use these to either stock up on water (available complimentary through the soda dispensers on the pool decks of the ships) as well as soda. Mix up alcohol beverages and tote them around the boat.

  18. GPS – if you’re driving yourself to and from the airport and you’ve got your own GPS unit bring it along and not pay the extra at the rental car place. You may also find yourself with some extra time and with a GPS available you can go off route and make your way safely back.

Bonus Tip: Create a document with your packing lists that you can refine and edit for each trip. Feel free to start with this list.