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I have been visiting Walt Disney World since the 80’s as a child.  I’ve always had a deep love for Disney movies- especially the ones with princesses in them.  Growing up in the 90’s I feel like there was a huge influx of Princesses added to the Castle Library, which further developed my love for them.  They’re a part of my childhood and will always have a special place in my heart.  As a child growing up, I LOVED to sing (I still do actually), my dream job was to sing for a Disney movie- think Peabo Bryson and Celine Dion in Beauty and the Beast.  Unfortunately, that dream job never really came true- however, you will always find me on karaoke night- especially if it’s Disney night!  LOL

I have since passed this love of Disney on to my husband, Kevin, and our 3 girls, Raegan, Harper and Charlotte.  They LOVE all things Disney and especially love the Princesses. They love visiting Disney and if it were up to them we would live IN the parks and never leave.

As a senior in High School, I was blessed to be able to travel to Europe for Christmas for a little more than a week.  My family and I traveled to London, Paris, Nice, Monte Carlo and Zurich.  It was so fascinating to see the history you read about in books or see in many movies- like Peter Pan and seeing Big Ben and the town of London first hand!  While in college I studied International Business and with it came classes around different cultures, foods, religions and so much more!  I had the opportunity to go on a Study Abroad my senior year of college where we visited Trinidad and Tobago for a week.  It was nothing short of Amazing!  It opened my eyes to the different cultures that are out there and further fueled my love for travel!

That love of travel has not left me yet.  I have since traveled by cruise ship on several different cruise lines falling in love with this great way to see and do so much!  Seeing our country and the world gives you so much perspective to what’s out there and how people are different brings a perspective that only comes from travel.  As Mark Twain said, “One must travel to learn.”  You can learn so much from going and doing and embracing.

How can I help you go, do and embrace a new vacation destination?  What has been on your bucket list that you want to get checked off?  Have you always wanted to take the kids skiing?  What about to experience a new country that seems so far away?  Maybe a new beach, so you can compare the different types of beaches?  Is an all inclusive resort what your mind and soul needs to help you relax?  Is a couple trip or anniversary trip on the horizon?  Girls trip getaway?  Contact me and we will put together the best vacation package that meets your needs and budget.  I look forward to helping you plan your next memory making vacation.

Rachelle at Disneyland
Rachelle at Volcano Bay
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Truly amazing and exceeded our expectations

Hi Rachelle, I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your patience and kindness over the past year. Our family trip with Adrina was truly amazing and exceeded our expectations. The memories we made will last us a lifetime and brought us so much peace and clarity. We are already looking forward to our next adventure and hoping to make it to Turks and Caicos in September 2025 (wink wink hopefully with Adrina again). Thank you again for everything you have done for our two families.

Tracey H

You did a wonderful job!

Rachelle, you did a wonderful job helping us plan our vacation! Thank you so much for your assistance and your attention to detail…we loved the chocolate covered strawberries on the first day of our cruise!! Thanks again and we are looking forward to our 2nd Alaskan cruise this summer!! Can’t wait to plan even more trips!! 🙂

Gloria C.

Thanks to Rachelle

We had a great time on our trip thanks to Rachelle!

Carol H.