Tara Roth

Tara Roth - Travel Agent

Let me help you create your own ‘chuckle memories’!



Chuckle memories are priceless!

Anyone who knows me knows that vacationing is important to me; from staycations where I am enjoying all that Florida has to offer (which is a lot) to national and international vacation destinations!It is during these trips that my family and I create the most precious of memories and the type of stories that make me chuckle to look back on. These are my Chuckle Memories!I am also a Nationally Certified Sign Language interpreter, and I believe that everyone deserves amazing vacation memories. That is one of many reasons why I work with this company, Wish Upon a Star With Us Travel, they have the same goal and I trust them. I also trust Disney and companies like them, who know how to take care of all their guests. I will only work with companies I trust to give all guests the best services possible.My personal goal is to go to every Disney theme park, Adventures by Disney and Disney Cruise that is offered! That’s a lot of destinations and I am okay that this goal will take awhile!

This doesn’t even include all of the other companies just as wonderfully trustworthy as Disney I have been experiencing as a travel agent. So my list of vacation companies and destinations is only growing!It is true, there are so many vacation destinations that travel planning can be overwhelming, especially when going somewhere new. That is why I am here and this is what I love to do!Contact me and we will find the locations and accommodations that are best for you, your family and friends (a.k.a. family by choice) and the creating of your own chuckle memories!

Tara Roth - Travel Agent
Tara Roth - Travel Agent

Thank you, Noelle!

As always, Noelle helped us plan another outstanding Disney World vacation. Her restaurant recommendations, park day planning and detailed itineraries made our experience exponentially better. And just when you think you know everything about Disney World, Noelle pulls out another golden nugget of information that makes your vacation even more enjoyable! Thank you, Noelle!

Austin G.

Helpful Suggestions

Noelle was AWESOME to work with! I hadn’t been to Disney in years, so I didn’t have a clue where to start. Noelle took the reins and booked our reservations, fast passes and more! She made helpful suggestions and gave us advice along the way! Our family enjoyed our spring break thanks to Noelle!

Brittany B.

Quick response time

Noelle is very knowledgeable and able to answer our questions with ease…and anything she wasn’t sure about, she was able to quickly find out and get back to us. We were planning our first big trip with kids and starting from scratch, so we had A LOT of questions and were basically starting from scratch. Noelle easily balanced my desire to be a part of the process while also relying heavily on her expertise. Also, her quick response time was so helpful!

Rachel E.

A true Disney expert!

Noelle is a true Disney expert and that’s a statement because I used to be a Disney Cast Member! I highly recommend Noelle for all your vacation planning needs!

Kayla W.

Very responsive…

I found Noelle on a whim and so happy I did! She’s very responsive, personable, and knowledgeable when it comes to setting you up for an amazing vacation! She booked our Royal Caribbean cruise and answered all questions that we had and if she wasn’t sure, she called the company to clarify. It definitely took the stress away to have someone as a point of contact for all of our needs. I will be using her in the future and can’t wait to start planning for the next vacation!

Stephanie L.

Fantastic to work with

Noelle was as always, fantastic to work with. She has worked on three of our trips this year. She reminds us of important dates and does all of the hard work for us. She always has great suggestions and makes sure we have everything we need for a successful trip. We could not do it without her.

Marissa T