What to Expect on a Disney Cruise: Day 5

What to Expect on a Disney Cruise: Day 5

Our agent, Carrielyn Louie (from Seattle, WA)  is sharing her blog with us about what to expect on a Disney Cruise.  This is her fifth post in a series of seven where you’ll get an inside peek at what a 7-night Disney cruise is like. 

Day 5

It’s day 5 and you’ve still got 3 full days of exploration and relaxation ahead of you. You wake up refreshed and ready for your day at St. Thomas/St. John. A peek out of the window shows you’re floating off shore, but you can see the islands just a ways out. You’ve booked a Port Adventure that takes you on a tour of St. John. It’s going to be a relaxing and picturesque day!The troops are still asleep so you head for the bathrooms to get ready. By the time you emerge they’re starting to stir. Since it seems you’ve got time before they’re ready for breakfast you hike up to deck 11 to Cove Cafe to get an espresso. You sit for a bit at the windows and enjoy the view. When you return to your stateroom the family is ready so you head down to deck 3’s Royal Court for a nice sit down breakfast.You all brought your day bags with you so that you could head straight to D Lounge where you are to meet up with others that are also on your port adventure. 

As a group you head down to deck 1 to take your turns getting through the tender lobby. The cruise boats float offshore at St. Thomas/St. John so you’ll be boarding a smaller boat called a tender. Your tender boat is headed for St. John but it pauses at another cruise boat to pick up additional travelers. It’s a 45-minute cruise and you enjoy the view and the warm sunshine. Once at St. John in the small town of Cruz Bay you board an open-air safari bus for a tour of the island.Your tour guide provides insights into the island and it’s inhabitants (human and animal). You make frequent stops at some of the most beautiful spots you’ve ever seen (such as Cinnamon Bay, Trunk Bay, Hawksnest Bay and Caneel Bay, overlooking the famous Rockefeller Plantation.). You stop for a self guided tour of the Annaberg Ruins and the neighboring sugar mill.

Your tour concludes with some free time to explore Cruz Bay by shopping and enjoying some snacks. Before long it’s time to board the ferry-style boat for the 45 minute ride back to St. Thomas where you’ll board a tender boat to take you back to the Fantasy. It was a beautiful day.

It’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon and after 2 busy days you feel you could take a nap. The kids are still pretty wired so you drop them off at the Oceaneers Lab where (as you saw later) they made a postcard and learned how to draw a Disney character. You return to your room, draw the shades, and take a nap. It is blissfully quiet.

Your wave phone vibrates an hour and a half later, letting you know one of your kids has said they’re ready to be picked up. You retrieve them but head back to the room for some more rest before getting ready for dinner. You are a bit hungry though so you order a round of Mickey bars from room service. When room service has been delivered you take your Mickey bar out onto your veranda and enjoy the view while the kids watch classic Mickey cartoons on the TV. Pretty sweet moment.

It’s a cruise casual kind of night at dinner so you switch out of your shorts into something more suitable for dinner and head to Enchanted Garden where you’ll be enjoying the Prince and Princess menu (as will all of the restaurants that evening).

You like the sound of a “Golden Slipper” (peach schnapps, and sparkling wine!) so you splurge and order one of those. You go with the recommended appetizer of slow roasted duck and cheese quesadilla, though that Belle’s Blue Cheese Polenta Cakes were looking pretty good too. After a bite of the quesadilla you know you made the right choice.

You have to choose among 4 soups and salads, but Beast’s Potato and Sausage Casserole soup stood out. You weren’t disappointed, and you’re only mildly full!

Even though you feel like you should go with something from the “Lighter Note Offerings” part of the menu, like the slow roasted chicken, you opt for the Peppercorn Crusted New York Strip. Fortunately your better half ordered the recommended Rosemary-scented Medallions of Lamb so you were able to test it out. It was all so good.

Ignoring how full you are you order the Sweet Temptations for dessert because it was just too hard to decide. You get a miniature serving each of Cinderella’s Lemon-infused Cheesecake, Chilled Chocolate Soufflé, and Tirimisú. Yum!

Tonight’s entertainment in the Walt Disney Theater is a hypnosis show! Those are always good for a laugh. You head to deck 3, pause at Preludes for snacks (I know, so full, but can’t help yourself!), then head into the theater to find good seats. You enjoy the show but remain strong in your conviction to never allow yourself to be hypnotized!

After the show you consult your navigator and see that Mickey is posing for photos in the Lobby Atrium so head on over to get your photos taken. Afterwards you drop the kids back at the Oceaneers Lab/Club and you head down to the adult area Europa on deck 4. There’s an 80’s music challenge in The Tube. You totally rock it and win! The prize is a Disney Cruise Line water bottle. Pretty awesome. You love trivia! Directly after that there’s “Pub Trivia” in O’Gill’s so you head on over to see if you can sustain your lucky streak. You don’t quite win this one but you figure 1 out of 2 ain’t bad so you’ll call it a night. It’s 11pm after all, so you retrieve your kids and retreat for the night. You’ve got a day at sea ahead of you!

If you have any questions about what to expect on day 5 please feel free to ask by contacting me.