Bri Totsch

Brianne Totsch

My name is Bri and I love to travel! I joined Wish Upon a Star with Us back in 2014 and right away I knew I had found the right fit. Our commitment to creating vacations that are magical, memorable, and custom-designed for each family shines through in every trip we plan.


As a travel agent, I bring my experience in visiting many different destinations to my clients and provide each of them with my personalized planning services. My first love is Disney Destinations, but in the time since I started as a travel agent I’ve branched out to book every type of travel! Universal Vacations, all cruise lines, Caribbean all-inclusives, and most recently Europe – that’s just a few examples of what I can do for you. My excitement and curiosity about new places, people, and things keeps me learning constantly; with this job you can’t ever know it all. But it’s fun to keep being educated through all the hands-on experiences I’ve had over the years and will continue to have.

I take your vacation personally! I will work with you to ensure that all your wishes are met and your dreams come true. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Brianne Totsch