John Lindley

John Lindley

I have lived in California all of my life and have taken approximately 30 trips to the Disneyland Resort. I have also been to Walt Disney World and even Hong Kong Disneyland! Growing up, I would go to Disneyland every few years with my parents and sister.

In high school, I started going at least once a year with my sister and her college friends. That’s really when my love for Disney blossomed.I had the pleasure of taking my wife on her very first Disney trip when we were dating in college. She has come to share my love for Disney, especially as we now experience the parks through our children, ages 7 and 2. Any time we are thinking about a family vacation, we know it will somehow involve Disney. One day we hope to visit every Disney Park in the world!I am a planner. I love planning Disney trips, even if I’m not going on the trip! I understand how invaluable the magic of a Disney vacation is, especially when properly planned.

Hong Kong Disneyland

I will provide you information on the parks, hotels, ticket options, dining options — every aspect of the trip, to tailor the plan to your interests and needs. I am here to help you plan the most memorable Disney vacations!

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