Kristy Lullo

Kristy Lullo

I’m Kristy, and I am a firm believer in the quote, “It’s where the magic begins!” My love for Disney has brought the magic to many friends and family member’s vacation plans over the years. I get just as excited to plan a trip for another family as I do for my own. It’s because I know how much fun they are going to have that I can’t help but want to be going myself!


Having traveled to Disney World many times, going as far back as a young child, my knowledge and experiences have tremendously grown with each trip. Now, having a family of my own, I am able to give them the joy that Disney has to offer. It also allows me and my husband to re-experience Disney through the eyes our children. Nothing could be more magical and exciting as that! It really is a place where YOUR “Dreams Come True!” No matter if you are young or old, it is a magical place for everyone! Any type of Disney vacation will allow you to have an experience that brings the story to life while making memories that will last a life time. Disney is noted for their renowned services and VIP specialties. You will be treated like royalty while relaxing at any of the Disney Dream Vacation spots. I am very passionate about being able to help you create an experience that the whole family will enjoy!I will make sure to keep you updated with the most current deals and news. I want you to experience the magic every step of the way.

I don’t want you to miss a thing! I realize that trying to plan any of the vacations Disney has to offer can be overwhelming. That is why I am here to help! With my knowledge, experience, and excitement I will come alongside you to create a personal itinerary perfect for you! The best part about all of this is that it is free of charge! My services and knowledge cost you nothing but a guaranteed memorable vacation! For me, being able to help make your dreams come true really is a dream come true for me! This has been one of my heart’s deepest desires for many years. I always tell my husband that when I grow up I’m going to work at Disney World, so for now, this is the next best thing! I look forward to hearing from you to begin making your magical vacation dreams come true!

Kristy Lullo

Thanks for everything!

Thanks to Kristy we had a magical dream cruise vacation! Our trip was everything we hoped for and we can’t thank Kristy enough for helping us to be well prepared for our cruise We highly, highly recommend her. Thanks Kristy for everything!!!

Kristen D.

Amazing Agent

Our first family vacation to Disney World 2019 was amazing thanks to Kristy. Kristy was diligent and attentive since day one. Kristy made the booking experience so easy and fun. Kristy gave me tips and provide information when I asked. Kristy is an amazing agent and I would recommend her to my friends and family.

Patricia A.

A Huge Help!

Kristy was such a huge help when I was planning my first Disney family vacation!  She was so knowledgeable and always steered me in the right direction!  We will be going back and I will for sure be contacting Kristy again!

Shannon S.

Kristy is a Gem

We used Kristy for our last 2 out of 6 trips to Disney. She is very easy to work with and always available by email or phone. On our last trip she threw out suggestions on how to change our trip up a bit, especially because our son was getting older and because we had stayed at the same resort. She also provided a list of rides she thought we would enjoy and how to prioritize our fast passes. Two days before we were set to leave I emailed Kristy to add the quick service dining plan to our itinerary, within hours it was added. Kristy is a gem and we look forward to planning more Disney trips with her.

Julie W.