Lynnette Katz

Lynnette Katz

I have always loved the enchantment of Disney! From the time I was a little girl my parents would take me to Walt Disney World every summer. I remember going on Space Mountain with my dad when I was five years old and me telling him to “pay attention!” as we started up the ramp.


I also remember the excitement of having one of the performers of the parade on Main Street take my hand and pull me out into the magic of the performance. That was beyond exciting! I still remember my parents taking pictures of me holding the balloons on Main Street. As I grew older I continued to go to Walt Disney World with my family, and now as a wife and a mom of two daughters I love to share those magical experiences with my own children. We’ve enjoyed everything Disney has to offer from Walt Disney World to Disneyland Parks to the AMAZING Disney Cruise Line.

Characters breakfasts with the princesses, Mickey Mouse and the gang diners, savoring the international foods around the world at Epcot, enjoying the 5 star culinary delights at Palo’s on the Disney Wonder—we have so many family memories!

The reason I became a Vacation Planner is because I wanted to help other families have the same types of experiences and memories with their own children that I was lucky to have. I grew up with this. But I know how overwhelming planning vacations can feel, especially if you are not a regular “Disney go-er”. There is so much to see and to do that you can’t possibly do it all. So working with someone who will create a personal itinerary is so important.

The BEST part is that this service is absolutely free to you! When I help you book your vacation with Disney it cost you no more than if you were to do it yourself. I’m paid by Disney, not you, the guest. Disney will pay me for doing the service without charging you any extra. Yes. You heard correctly. It is the same exact cost to you with or without my help. I work closely with Disney to find you the deals that they are offering when you are ready to book. And…if a better offer comes out after you book, I keep track of that and pass on the savings to you. You can rest assured that you will get the best possible deal that is being offered. So that means I can do all of your Disney planning to take the stress off of you. Or if you prefer to be more involved and do much of your own planning you can, even though you booked through me.

I enjoy giving that personal touch that will make your family vacation one of a kind and will create magical memories that will be treasured forever. I’m looking forward to working with you planning YOUR magical vacation!

Lynnette Katz