Noelle Schreiber

Noelle Schreiber

My goal is to provide you with personalized planning assistance, compare discounts to find you the best deal, and share insider advice. I would love the opportunity to share my vacation planning enthusiasm with you!


I am not just another travel agent.  I am a Disney and Cruise Specialist!  I plan your trip, as though it were my own.  I recognize the importance of time spent with your family and making lasting memories.  I understand the hard work and sacrifice that went into making this trip and future trips possible.  I do not take that lightly.  I want to show you the excitement of anticipating your trip.  I want the process to feel easy and stress free.

I started planning Disney trips for my friends and family for fun, before I ever made it my business here locally in Maryville, IL.  I did it because Disney got in my blood after numerous family trips.  Why?  Because I saw the magic through my children’s eyes.  That time is fleeting…it is precious.  My children are getting much older now, but it has truly remained my entire family’s happy place.  Why?  Because of the wonderful memories.  So, I wanted to help my friends and family experience Disney is a way they hadn’t before.  I wanted them to feel the magic.  Now, as a travel agent, I am bringing that exact approach to every trip I plan.  As a graduate of Disney’s College of Knowledge, I can help you plan the vacation that best fits your family.  On the daily, I research Disney to keep you up to date on the newest information.  Logistically speaking, I will make your reservations and then keep an eye out for sales that come out in the future that may apply to your booking, and then rebook it for you so that you get that added savings.  I will also make your dining reservations and fastpass reservations as part of my complimentary services.  I will teach you how to use the apps so that you can seamlessly navigate while there.  I will also provide you with insider knowledge to give you an edge and point out things that you may have otherwise not even noticed.  I will help you have the full experience and lessen your stress.  I am also a bit of a foodie, and I think I plan for the food as much as anything else.  I can tell you the best places to eat and how to best utilize those snack credits.  I am down there frequently and try numerous new things each time! As a travel agent, I have also broadened my horizons. 

I am not just planning Disney trips anymore.  I am helping families make all their travel dreams come true.  Universal Studios is a great destination as your kiddos get older.  I can teach you all the tips and tricks, as there are many.  Harry Potter is a huge draw there, and there is so much you need to know to plan for before you go.  Also, my husband and I have been on numerous cruises over the years, on several different lines, including Princess, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Carnival.  We find it very necessary in our 20+ years together to take time to recharge together.  That is something else I want to focus on in my travel agent business.  I want to help you take time away together in a way that fits you and your family.  Because of that, I am continually doing my best to educate myself on new products and places and take those trips so that I can provide you with direct knowledge of the places you’ll be going, the food you’ll want to try, and the experiences you’ll want to experience.  My philosophy is and will continue to be: Plan the vacation that will be a favorite memory for years to come!

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