Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage

Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage

Ahoy Mate!  Welcome to the Pirates and Pals Voyage Review!  To start your journey you will begin in a bunker or maybe a ballroom at The Contemporary where you will find a feast to satisfy any sugar loving pirate!  Here you will find cake and Mickey Bars, Popcorn & Pretzels and of course Chocolate hidden inside Gold Coins!  Dance and be merry on full bellies while you wait for your captains to arrive.  Watch out for Captain Hook and Smee as they come to join you for this festive celebration.

Soon you will be split into two sailing crews for a spectacular night time cruise, and greeted by Captain Patch who will pick out a “First Mate” who will lead you to your vessel.

First stop is in Bay Lake to watch the Electrical Water Pageant which has been running since 1971.  This is a truly spectacular show that is normally missed by most Disney World Guests.  From there you will cross over into the Seven Seas Lagoon where you will join your crew in celebrating any special occasions that might be on board.

As you drop anchor in the middle of the Lagoon you will be given a breath taking view of Cinderella’s Castle.  The lights will dim and soon you will hear a familiar friend, Jiminy Cricket, who will let you know that the show is about to begin!  Now sit back and watch the fireworks from a view not many will see.

After the show is over Captain Patch will test your knowledge on sea worthy Disney Trivia.  So be sure to study up on Pirates of the Caribbean, Finding Nemo, or the Little Mermaid before you cruise and you will be sure to win some “booty” on your sailing!

You will be greeted by another special guest when you dock so keep your eyes open for a certain boy that never wants to grow up!

Want to add a little more fun into your cruise?  Consider an appointment at the Pirate’s League before you sail!  While costumes are not required they will add to the fun of the night.  Sailing times will depend on the time that Wishes begins so this could be a late night for the little ones.  I would encourage planning this event with a midday nap to keep all of the little buccaneers happy and ready to play that night!

Experienced by our very own Missy Tillman and her little pirate…..