Regina Benitez


Disney has been a part of my life from the very beginning. I am originally from Elmhurst IL, but grew up in California. My mother was a Wedding Planner and moved to California to persue her dreams. We bought a home just outside of Disneyland and watched the fireworks all the time. One of the favorites of family coming to visit us was to go to Disneyland, so I was lucky enough to get to go on a regular basis. I remember thinking that people young and old seemed to be drawn to Disney, I knew why I loved it, but I was a kid! I loved how walking into Disney just being there made everyone around you feel alive! Well, I never got over that feeling and still can’t get enough of it. My husband and I have been married for almost 17 years and as a family we have been to Disney more than 30 times. Most often we enjoy Disney World, but on occasion we do go to Disneyland. We have 3 beautiful and amazing children Nick (17), A.J. (13) and Gabi (7). No matter how many times we bring them to Disney the magic in their eyes every time they get to the park, brings me to tears. What I love so much about Disney isn’t just that it’s fun, it goes so far beyond that.

For us, being in Disney is a feeling we don’t get anywhere else, the indescribable anticipation and excitement that makes you feel more alive than you have ever felt, some of our happiest moments are with Disney. I enjoy helping families with their Disney travel because I can’t imagine going through life and not getting to experience that feeling at least once in your life. Knowing that I had even a small part in that joy and happiness with other families is what will forever keep me happy helping others with their Disney travel. I feel the Disney experience starts with the moment my clients start working with me, and continues for a lifetime! Working with Wish Upon A Star With Us, is a dream come true and one I will not take lightly. I am honored to be a part of any clients Disney experience and eager to share my knowledge and love of Disney.