Scare Zones at Halloween Horror Nights

Halloween Horror Nights

Scare Zones at Halloween Horror Nights

by Heather Gallagher

I attended opening weekend of Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights! It was a blast, but not for the faint of heart. Even if you wanted to avoid the houses, you have to walk through scare zones!

The last time I attended Halloween Horror Nights, I broke the #1 rule – Don’t Go Alone! This year, I took my kids and husband who have never been. They handled it like champs, but watching the team members scare my children was pretty hilarious!

Let’s talk about Scare Zones! I love the houses (which Halloween Horror Nights is known for), but my favorite things about these events are the Scare Zones. Scare actors get close! The two most active on the night we were there was Eddie’s Revenge and Seek and Destroy. Your experience in a Scare Zone can change every time you go through. That is why we go through multiple times in one night.

Here are the Scare Zones, and a few photos from our experience:

Lights Camera Hacktion - Eddie's Revenge




Lights Camera Hacktion – Eddies Revenge –  You get to be part of Eddie’s horror movie. Lots of chainsaws here!




Seek and Destroy Scare Zone



Seek And Destroy – Aliens are taking humans for fuel! Will you escape or be captured?





Gorewood Forest Scare Zone



Gorewood Forest – Watch out for creatures of the forest and the evil Terra





30 Year 30 Fears Scare Zone



30 Years 30 Fears – Past monsters are looking for you!





Crypt TV Scare Zone




Crypt TV – Bringing the Monsters from Crypt TV to your reality!





It’s not too late to plan your visit to Universal Orlando to experience Halloween Horror Nights! Talk to your Wish Upon a Star with Us Vacation Planner or contact us to start planning your Universal vacation during the Halloween season so you can take part in this ‘terrifying’ event!