Sherri Franklin

Sherri Franklin

Wouldn’t you love a vacation that is stress-free and care-free from the first thought to the last moment? All too often the details of vacation planning can suck the fun and relaxation out of going on the journey. The wonderful world of Disney is a fabulous world, but it can be overwhelming for even the seasoned traveler.


It started with a three-day vacation…

My love of Disney began when my parents “stopped by” the Magic Kingdom as part of a three-day vacation when I was 8 (our final destination was the beach.) The magic of Walt’s creation stuck with me until 1995. That year, I honeymooned at the Contemporary Resort right next to the Magic Kingdom. (Ironically, we spent three days there on the way to the beach. Hmmmm….). It was this visit that solidified my membership into the Disney fan club. I fell in love with Disney World’s ability to transport me to a different place where dreams come true, magic is real and the real goal in life is to have fun with your loved ones. I have been to Disney World countless times as well as several Disney cruises.

What I do

It is my pleasure to plan your vacation from start to finish and handle all the details along the way. I will be on hold for an hour trying to get the perfect room, so that you don’t have to. I will remind you of deadlines, so that you don’t have to stress about them. If there is a special to be had, I will find it for you, saving you hours of research and possibly lots of money! You also get the benefit of my vast knowledge of Disney: the best places to watch fireworks, how to score the best stateroom on a cruise, how to visit new locales and experience Disney’s high level service every step of the way!

As an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, I specialize in all things Disney. However, in addition to Disney, I can also help you plan your vacation to Universal Orlando, Seaworld, Sandals and Beaches, cruising and much more!

Sherri Franklin