Top 6 Reasons to Use an Authorized Disney Vacation Agency

Top 6 Reasons to Use an Authorized Disney Vacation Agency

written by Crystal Boston, Travel Specialist

A Disney vacation is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a magical experience. It’s the ideal vacation for any life celebration – family vacations, honeymoons, couples getaways, graduation and more!

Planning a Disney vacation can be a complex endeavor for any family. During your planning you’ll make many decisions that will affect all aspects of your vacation. Throw in the complexities of the many varied promotional offers available and it can become a daunting task.

That’s why it’s highly recommended that you use an Authorized Disney Vacation Agency with knowledgeable agents Specializing in Disney Destinations.

Here are my Top 6 Reasons to Use a Disney Vacation Planner, Specializing in Disney Destinations…

  1. Less Stress

Using a Disney Vacation Planner that Specializes in Disney Destinations can take all of that stress out of planning a Disney Destination vacation. We will handle everything for you and guide you to the right decisions.

  1. We KNOW Disney

Unlike traditional Travel Agents or online self-serve websites, Authorized Disney Vacation Agencies offer the planning services of Disney Vacation Planners, Specializing in Disney Destinations who have completed mandatory training by Disney.

  1. We Love Disney

Disney Vacation Planners, Specializing in Disney Destinations get into this field because they love planning Disney vacations. Most begin this after planning multiple Disney vacations of their own.

  1. We Are Knowledgeable About Disney

Because our focus is Disney, and we love Disney, we are some of the most knowledge individuals about Disney on the planet.

  1. No Extra Fees

There’s no cost to you!

Disney Vacation Planners, Specializing in Disney Destinations, are paid a commission by Disney on the trips that we book. Neither Disney or your Authorized Vacation Planner will add an extra charge to the cost of your vacation package.

You’ll pay the same if you do all the work or if you let your Disney Vacation Planner do it.

  1. Award Winning Service / Knowledgeable Team

Your Disney Vacation Planner watches out for you. We live and breathe Disney every day and are in constant contact with a special team of Disney Agent Only reservationists. Your Disney Vacation Planner knows when new discounts come out for the timeframe that you have already booked and will automatically apply the best offer that your vacation package qualifies for. Our agents use the same discounts that you do, so we are very familiar with them.

You’ll receive other extras too, like personalized information to read up on prior to your trip, assistance with Advance Dining Reservations and FastPass+ selections, and more. (The extent of extra services often depends on your selected package).

Disney Vacation Planners work for Earmarked agencies for Disney Destinations. There are only a select group in this elite classification of Authorized Disney Vacation Agencies!

Wish Upon A Star With Us Travel has a large staff to assist you with your Disney vacation. While other companies may have, at most, one or two experienced individuals, Wish Upon A Star With Us Travel has a very large number of agents with extensive Disney experience ready to assist you and we all work together so you will always be benefiting from a team of knowledgeable professionals.

We hope that you will choose Wish Upon A Star With Us Travel, an Authorized Disney Vacation Agency, for your next Disney Vacation!

Wish Upon A Star With Us Travel also provides travel planning services for those interested in a Universal Orlando vacation package.